About Alex Danvy

Thank you for visiting my modest web site. I’m Alex Danvy, a 45 years old French geek, father of a little ninja and a graceful princess, passionnate about software and computers. Expect to read some technical stuff but not limited to. I might talk about food or way of life (Hey, remember that those French are little bit crazy). I plan to write most articles in English to share with the broadest audience and train my English (I’ll do my best to respect the English language). All opinions are mine.

I spent 2 years in a “2 guys” company, 15 years working at EBP mainly in the developement team and have been at Microsoft for 7 years now as a Technical Evangelist (Windows, Azure & Internet of Things). I will speak freely but don’t expect to find trolls or bashing about anybody/anything here. I love to share my enthousiams and improvement ideas. It’s often easier to break than to build. I’m a builder. It’s easier criticize than to create. I’m a creator.

I will be thankful if you give me some feedback through comments about the content and/or the form of articles you read here.

Feel free to share your love and my articles.

Thanks again.