Connect your devices to the Cloud through Sigfox

You decided to connect your "things" to the "internet" using the long range Sigfox network and that's a great idea! You can collect your thousands of devices data at a very low cost using this disruptive IoT operator. It's now time to ingest those data into an hyperscale, enterprise grade cloud solution to enable the creation of value added scenarii. Hopefully, the Sigfox team and the Microsoft team worked together on the ease of integration with Microsoft Azure. There are several ways to do this but we'll detail the most effective one to connect the Sigfox backend to the Azure data ingestion component called Event Hub. Let's see how easy it is using a detailed step by step tutorial. The Microsoft Azure part We're going to create the Azure Event Hub. Go to the Azure portal and login. Click on "New" / "App services" / "Service Bus", choose "Event Hub" Select the "Quick create" option The "Event Hub Name" and "Namespace name" has to be unique. You'll get something like It may take a couple of minutes for Microsoft Azure to provision the new resource Select the newly created "Service Bus" This page shows you the detail of your Event Hub Select the "Event Hubs" tab and open the Event Hub you just created The Event Hub dashboard will display some metrics like incoming messages from your devices At the bottom right of the dashboard, you'll find [...]