Mixed Reality & Artificial Intelligence at Devoxx 2019

Thank you for attending the Devoxx France conference. I hope you enjoyed the Mixed Reality & AI session. As promised, here is all the content used during the session and some pointer to start experimenting with Hololens and AI right now, even if you don't own a device. Pitch Augmented Reality is a thing, Mixed Reality is another world. Add some Artificial Intelligence inside, you'll get a futuristic solution right now. Just like what Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale described in Back to the future. We'll build an app for Hololens that leverage AI from the cloud to help the user to identify what's around him. You'll see what Hololens and AR can do, how to create a Mixed Reality app and how an app can quickly get some killer features using Azure Cognitive Services. Where & when ? During Devoxx 2019 at Palais des Congrès de la Porte Maillot à Paris, room "Paris 243" on Friday 19th April 2019 at 16:45. Speakers Christopher Maneu Hi there, I'm a cloud engineer & developer advocate at Microsoft R&D. I works with, help and teaches developers across the continent on cloud and open-source technologies. Before joining R&D, I helped large corporations and startups creating user-friendly apps & services and helping build teams behind these services. I used to be an engineering lead at Deezer, a WW music streaming service. @cmaneu Sébastien Bovo Developer on the Windows platform including Windows Mixed Reality Holographic and Immersive. Working with Education partners and Software developers. @sbovo [...]