Push your Sigfox devices data to Azure IoT Hub

You connected numerous devices to the Sigfox low cost, low power, long range Internet of Things network and looking for a solution to transform all the collected data into precious information? Microsoft hyperscale cloud solution aka Azure provide an awesome component chain for IoT. All the bricks are there. Ingestion, hot and cold storage, near real time analytic, batch, machine learning, business intelligence. Open source or not. Easy to setup PaaS or 100% mastered IaaS. You will surely find a solution to fit your needs. How easy is it to connect the Sigfox backend to Azure? Thanks to the smart engineers at Sigfox, they just introduced a connector dedicated to IoT Hub, the Azure ingestion component. Goto the Sigfox backend. Portal release 5.1 mentions the new connector. Enter the device type section. Sigfox device are grouped by "type" so you can manage common properties shared by a group of devices. Click a device type name to get the detail. On the device type detail page, you'll get access to the callbacks. Callbacks are a way to do something when new messages are received by the back-end. We have no callback at that time. Let's create a new one. That's where the "magic" happen. You actually have 3 different choices: Custom callback can push data to a standard http service like a web api. I used this feature in a previous article to push the data to an Azure Event Hub but it was sub-optimal Microsoft Azure Event Hub for a connection to the [...]