Analyse your Azure Database for PostgreSQL logs with pgBadger

PostgreSQL aka Postgres has been around for nearly 30 years now. More than ever, it's still one of the best Open Source relational database engine you can find. Last but not least : It remains completly free. Microsoft is embracing Open Source. Yes, that's a huge shift. It's been a discreet Open Source contributor for years and today, one of the most active contributor on GitHub (now part of Microsoft) with 7700 employees involved and projects like Visual Studio Code and its 19000 contributors. Microsoft Azure public cloud is fantastic playground to build apps using Open Source technologies. Linux is a first class citizen with 50% of virtual machines deployed. Azure can also be operated from Linux, MacOS and Windows using the same tools. I can no longer count how many Open Source tools are integrated and supported by Microsoft's cloud. PostgreSQL on Azure So it makes a lot of sense to have PostgreSQL support on Microsoft Azure. Of course, you can run it using virtual machines, there are a lot of pre-built VM templates for that or using containers but there's also a service named Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Yes, a PostgreSQL as a Service. Azure Database for PostgreSQL is the real PostgreSQL, not a clone or a modified edition, setup up and operated for you by Microsoft. It means a lot.  It means that you no longer have to deal with the operating system updates and patches, complex setup, security mess and boring maintenance. You can focus on [...]