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[vr url=”https://danvy.tv/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/21597873406_d19b851a96_o.jpg” view=360]

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Mixed Reality & Artificial Intelligence at Devoxx 2019

Thank you for attending the Devoxx France conference. I hope you enjoyed the Mixed Reality & AI session. As promised, here is all the content used during the session and some pointer to start experimenting with Hololens and AI right now, even if you don’t own a device.


Augmented Reality is a thing, Mixed Reality is another world. Add some Artificial Intelligence inside, you’ll get a futuristic solution right now. Just like what Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale described in Back to the future.
We’ll build an app for Hololens that leverage AI from the cloud to help the user to identify […]

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Analyse your Azure Database for PostgreSQL logs with pgBadger

PostgreSQL aka Postgres has been around for nearly 30 years now. More than ever, it’s still one of the best Open Source relational database engine you can find. Last but not least : It remains completly free.

Microsoft is embracing Open Source. Yes, that’s a huge shift. It’s been a discreet Open Source contributor for years and today, one of the most active contributor on GitHub (now part of Microsoft) with 7700 employees involved and projects like Visual Studio Code and its 19000 contributors.

Microsoft Azure public cloud is fantastic playground to build apps using Open Source technologies. Linux is a […]

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Microsoft Experiences 18 parcours IoT

Bonne nouvelle, les Microsoft Experiences sont de retour \o/

L’un des plus gros évènement informatique en France (18.000 visiteurs l’année dernière) où viennent se méler les sujets business et techniques, les produits Microsoft et ceux des partenaires, les utilisateurs de solutions propriétaires et les défenseurs des projets Open Source, les grands groupes et les startups, les salariés et les entrepreneurs, les professionels et les hobbyistes, les experts et les débutants, les veilleurs et les deep-divers.

Mauvaise nouvelle, le programme est toujours aussi riche :S

Deux jours, le premier plus business et le second plus technique, plusieurs sujets sur chaque créneau horaire, plusieurs […]

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